The Print Of My Youth






I still remember it really well, it was soon to be my 13th birthday and though I was still  young at heart and very much enjoyed playing with my Barbie dolls, it wasn’t a barbie doll that I had asked for, when the question “what would you like for your birthday” was posed to me. No, instead all I really wanted was a Burberry Bag, yes, a real burberry bag! I was obsessed with the burberry print at the time, I remember I even bought a pair of rip off trousers at Tammy/Etam, anyone else remember that store?

Since I was fortunate enough to have a somewhat privileged upbringing, my wish was granted. My parents took us up to London, where we visited a Burberry store. I was let loose to choose a bag and that bag, is the same bag that features in todays post. Walking into that store when I was only thirteen years old, was one of those experiences that I imagine will stay with me forever. That may sound fickle but as someone who has gone on to live a life where style and fashion is part of my daily life, you can maybe understand why this was such a prominent moment for me.

I wore this bag non stop once I took it home with me, I treasured it and as you can it’s still in pretty good condition, even though I did use this bag every time I left the house for probably the following two years. As much as I wanted the bag because of how much I loved the print, as a thirteen year old, I also thought I was pretty important because I had a designer bag! Ah, teenage pretentiousness, you can only look back and laugh I guess.

 A little more about this look and this was an outfit I was originally going to wear for London fashion week but opted out because it wouldn’t have been warm enough.

Wishing you a great week,

Daniella xox






Marks & Spencer Velvet Blazer

Joseph Jumpsuit

(old) Burberry Bag

(old) Alexander Wang Sneakers


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