Street Style Tuesday: It’s All In The Details




I thought for todays street style post, I would share a few more close up detail shots. I’ve always been interested in the finer details of not just my own outfits but others too. I think close attention to details is what separates good personal style from just following the fashion. As much as I love a good statement detail, I also love the most subtlest of details, the details, that you almost miss but once you notice it, you can’t stop staring and thinking to yourself how genius that detail is. Does this make sense to you? In my head it makes sense but I don’t know if i’m getting my point across well enough.

Even a small and simple flash of a shirt sleeve is usually no accident and is in fact a great eye for detail. Though these days, the sleeve show has really become more a style statement, the sleeves just keep getting bigger.

Anyway, one of my favourite detailed shots from today’s post is the photo where the woman has styled her maxi dress over her jeans. There is such a small amount of the denim showing, that it could almost be deemed as pointless but for me thats the beauty of it! This works so well and is a great style idea for Spring, wouldn’t you agree?

I hope you like today’s street style post.

Take care,

Daniella xox








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