Blogger Basics: Pink Blossom Tree



If you are a blogger yourself or you follow a lot of style blogs, you’ll know that the first unwritten rule of blogging is that as soon as the first bit of blossom appears, you must instantly get your butt in front of it and take outfit photos, or you know at least get a picture of its pretty pinkness on Instagram! Haha okay this isn’t necessarily a true story but it feels like it sometimes and I know I am personally always excited at the first sign of pink on the trees.

We came across this lovely blossom tree and though it is always a little uncomfortable standing outside someones house, using their tree for a backdrop but you know, the things we do to get that shot. It was also a very typical spring day, not the kind where the sun is shining and everything smells beautiful, no! More like the typical British spring day, where the wind is erratic and so capturing a photo where your hair isn’t two feet up in the air is a serious challenge. But that said, i’m happy with how the shots turned out. I also loved how the heavy leather top looked against the backdrop of the delicate blossom.

Anyway it’s Friday and i’m looking forward to spending the weekend with my love and plus it’s Mothers Day here in the UK, anyone got plans?

Take care,

Daniella xox




(old) French Connection Coat – love this Mac HERE

(old) Raoul Top

(old) Topshop Trousers – love these HERE

(old) Laura Ashley Bag – love this HERE, HERE & HERE

(old) Alexander Wang Trainers – love these HERE

Marks & Spencer Earrings


2 thoughts

  1. Feeling you, girl hahah I also feel like dropping whatever is in my hands and rushing to do outfit photos as soon as I see signs of spring in my surroundings 😊


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