It’s Okay To Say No To Other Peoples Drama





I really enjoyed putting together and styling this look, as I liked the concept of taking really casual/ sporty pieces such as the hoodie and leggings and mixing them with an elegant and classic cream coat and then a pair of plain pointy ankle boots. A juxtaposition of style is a quality I have always strived for in a lot of the outfits I create. I also found this old belt of mine, that I had from Topshop years and years and guess what? Once again my theory on keeping everything has proven to be correct, at least for me anyway.

I also wanted to talk about how it’s okay to say no to hearing other peoples drama.  Listening to gossip or other peoples arguments can be a great distraction from ones own life and maybe that’s why we can all get a little addicted to getting involved or having an opinion on other peoples situations but on the other hand it can also be really negative and not to mention draining! This can especially be the case if it involves friends or family that you are particularly close to. For me it will bring instant anxiety, i’ll feel sick, my heart will race and I feel like I can’t get my breath because I just get so protective and sensitive to a dramatic or confrontational situations and I don’t know how to deal with it yet without getting overwhelmed by it all.

Now I know and accept that my reaction is possibly a little extreme ( I don’t know, is it?)  but honestly that kind of negativity isn’t good for anyone and this is why I am reminding anyone who has forgotten that IT IS okay for you say that you don’t want to know or be a part of other peoples arguments. I know for me, that I have enough of my own shit to deal with, without the drama of others peoples insecurities. Yes, from time to time you may need to be the ear that someone vents into or lend a shoulder to cry one but be mindful to keep it in check, you don’t want to be someones unpaid counsellor, it will drain you of your inner light. If you’re not careful  you can end up taking on someones else’s issues like they are your own, I know i’ve done that many times before now. But when I realised that I didn’t need to carry the extra, unwanted weight, I felt so much lighter mentally. So, remember you are in control and if you do listen to the drama of others, then it’s important to let it go of it once they are done.

Let me know what you think on this.

Take care,

Daniella xox







Quay Sunglasses via TKMAXX

(old) French Connection Coat

Topshop Hoodie

Adidas Leggings

(old) Kurt Geiger Pointy Boots

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