Learning To Let Go Of Judgement




One of the things I really want to work on this year is judgement! I don’t know if I believe judgement is a natural trait we all have but we as human race we are certainly full of it. I don’t think of myself as a judgemental person but I know i’m guilty of doing it and even when I think i’m not because being judgmental can even be in the little things we say. I want to focus my energy on being more loving and accepting of people even those I don’t gel with. Though with that said, that doesn’t mean one should be without discernment. Because I believe you can you still use your personal intuition to know who you should be cautious of without being judgemental. Like for example I could pick up on the negative energy from someone but instead of judging them for it, I simply walk away and say no, not for me thank you.


We all know what its like to be judged whether it’s from friends, family or at worst, strangers who don’t even know you and it sucks, it really sucks! I would never want to bestow that feeling on to someone else but i’m guilty of judging just as much as the next person. It feels negative for all involved and love and kindness towards others actually comes a lot more natural to us then we realise and I want to be a more responsible for spreading that. I know for one it makes me feel amazing if I am able to boost someones day and though that could be deemed selfish, it’s the good kind of selfish, the kind that is uplifting for all. It has trickling effect, if I can uplift someone, I feel good and then that person feels good and then they have the potential to carry that positive energy to next person, you see?!  As a race we have a responsibility for our actions and if we judge others for new idea, a choice of profession, a certain lifestyle or a style choice then we could stop them in their track from fulfilling their dreams. Who else has stopped doing something they would like to do because they were scared of being judged or worse, was judged for it? I know I have in the past and I regret letting others ignorance stop me from progressing at that time. But learning to move forward without letting the opinion’s of others effect our forward movement can be challenging and I understand that but if we don’t learn to bypass the judgement of others, we will never progress and that is a far bigger burden to carry, or at least I believe. So that’s why we must all take responsibility to be less judgemental and to also pass that on to the next generation.

Tell me what you think of today’s post.

Take care,

Daniella xox





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2 thoughts

  1. That camel coat is the perfect smart coat and you’ve given it a really fun touch. Your looks are always on point!

    Regarding judgement, I totally hear you, Daniella. I do think I am unfortunately a very judgemental person, though like you, I think it is a natural part of being human, because judgement is a mechanism of self-defense against being potentially hurt.

    Even though I am a highly perceptive person, my judgement of others is not always true and this is why I also strive against not being judgemental. However, often little things you unconsciously perceive in someone, like a face gesture or a way of saying something can lead you to justly mistrust someone. Warning signs shouldn’t be taken for granted, so my approach to that is: keep one eye closed and one opened. x


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