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Is anyone else getting caught up in the vinyl trend that’s been emerging recently? I can safely say that i’ve fallen under the vinyl spell and i’ve already ordered those over the knee boots by Mango and though my mum’s and boyfriends face looked shock to say the least and I don’t know why, I feel they should know by now to always expect the unexpected from me! I honestly cant wait to wear them, they are just so out there and fun. I don’t want to stop there either, I am looking at you, nude patent mini skirt. I also want to get my hands on some trousers, I did really like these HERE but unfortunately they sold out in my size before I could get them! Maybe they’ll come back in stock, one can hope at least.

Let me know if you’re fully vinyl too. Hope you like todays mood board!

Take care,

Daniella xox



Topshop UNIQUE Coat – HERE

River Island Cap Via ASOS – HERE

Topshop Ruffle Skirt – HERE

Asos High Waisted Trousers – HERE

River Island Mini Skirt (in black) – HERE

Topshop Red Trousers – HERE

River Island Mini Skirt (in nude) – HERE

Mango Boots Via ASOS – HERE


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