The Deep Thinker: Life Purpose



Can one wear too much pink? Probably but I don’t think that’s the case today and even if it was I’ll be giving zero cares because today’s look made me feel like a unicorn and that makes me happy! I’m also wearing the gold metallic ankle boots that I shared with you in yesterday’s post.

Do you ever wonder what your life purpose is? Like why it is you’re are here on this earth at this time in life? Maybe you don’t think that deeply into it. But I do, I’m naturally quite a deep thinker and so these are the kind of questions I ask myself from time to time. I don’t know that I have a definitive answer to my question and I certainly don’t feel as though it’s anything conventional, like I’m here to be a doctor or a school teacher but I do feel I’m here to learn a lot and especially spiritually which I can hopefully share with others in the near future. I also feel a deep connection to the care, protection and wellbeing of children and animals. I’m also drawn to anything creative, it feels very naturally uplifting for me. Maybe all of these things will come together in a way that will all make sense to my original question or maybe they won’t. In the mean time, i’m just going to keep going forward with the things that feel instinctually right for me.

Take care,

Daniella xox






(old) Reiss Pink Faux Fur coat – similar HERE & love this option for spring HERE

Marks & Spencer Cable-knit Sweater

Topshop Jeans – love these HERE

Topshop boots – love these HERE, HERE & HERE


6 thoughts

  1. Your outfit is probably my favorite combo this winter: fur coat + cropped jeans + booties. Love also the combination of pink and denim, plus the pink hair looks amazing on you (if you told me you were born with pink hair, I’d totally believe it!).

    I really, really love everything you said on this post, especially about being a deep thinker and the kind of questions you ask yourself (you described me exactly as well!). I have always thought about my purpose in life and I found it a while ago, though not entirely. It’s weird, because by the time I found it out, I realized that every puzzle fell right into place, meaning that past (good and even my worst) experiences combined with my interests and skills led me to it. It took me years though and a whole lot of life changing events to know it.

    When I was younger, I thought my purpose was as simple as being an architect, founding my own firm and creating amazing sculptural buildings, but later on, I found out that it wouldn’t happen, because it was not realistic, especially because the reality of the professional architecture field does not make me happy nor jump out of my bed every morning, even if a student I had countless sleepless nights working on designs.

    Later on, I had more time in my hands to develop my other affinities and read a lot about philosophy, anthropology (there were books that completely changed my life and way of thinking), explore more different arts (painting, film, etc) and I found so many things that I loved that it was impossible to decide what to do with my life. I realized that no one’s life is meant to only have one single purpose or one field to be dedicated to, as we human beings have so many different layers and facets and interests and passions. Afterwards I fell in love again with fashion and discovered blogging. As I spent my time researching fashion and more about design I feel that this is what I want to do for most of the part, I want to be in fashion and do everything possible in it. However, there is more of what I would like to do, especially also supporting people who have gone through similar negative experiences as me, supporting causes that can help society change for the better and so forth and hope to achieve it one day. Overall, I always knew I wanted to leave my own track in the world and not only with my loved ones, but for all people. I hope I can do it someday. x

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    1. Thank you Thank you thank you! I cant say it enough! It was amazing reading your kind, thoughtful and insightful comment. It really means the world to me that you took the time to read my post and to write a comment that I have found so uplifting.

      I am glad to hear that you have found your purpose and that you are passionate about it because being excited and passionate about what you get up and do each day is a true telling of discovering your purpose in life. I love what you said about each pieces of the puzzle falling into place for you because that’s how I feel life is. It’s one big puzzle and sometimes 2 pieces may fit together perfectly but they make no sense at all but one day you find another couple of pieces to add to them and then it all makes perfect sense. It can be an overwhelming feeling, when it all kinda comes together in the most unexpecting of ways.

      You have a strong, ambitious and kind soul Laura, you will without doubt leave your mark on this world and in the best way i’m sure.

      Best wishes to you my lovely xx


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