Trying Pink Hair & Why I Finally Went For It!






So you may have seen my pink hair on Instagram already but here is an outfit that features the time I dyed my hair pink! I actually did this before London fashion week and so currently my hair is back to blonde, though I do intend on re-dyeing it pink again very soon. Why dye my hair pink? Well, believe it or not but I have been contemplating to doing this for ages now, like the last two years. My sister dyed her hair pink long before the “pink hair trend” came about and ever since then, I have been vicariously through her hair creativity. But I decided life is too short and that if I want to dye my hair pink, why should I stop myself, I mean really whats the worst that could happen? Yeah it could go wrong but it’s just hair and i’m sure it could be fixed but the likelihood is that it will all be fine and i’ll have pink hair just like I imagined.

I went with just a very semi-permanent colour by a brand called BLEECH LONDON that you can pick up from a Boots store for a really decent price. I originally wanted a dusty or rosy pink but I accidentally picked up the bright pink one. I considered taking it back and swapping it but then I thought I would just go for it and that it would probably fade out nicely anyway, which it eventually did.

I must say that i’m proud of myself for taking the leap and just getting out of my comfort zone and if anyone else is contemplating doing something similar too, then I say go for it! There’s other colours that I now want to try too and I cant wait.

Take care and tell me what you think!

Daniella xox






Puffa Jacket Via ASOS ON SALE HERE

Quay Sunglasses Via TKMAXX

(old) Isabel Marant Etoile Coat

(old) COS Turtleneck

(old) Acne Studios Jeans – love these HERE

Grenson Brogues – love these HERE

Chanel Bag



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