Giving A Virtual High Five To All The Mum Bloggers




I have to say that I give any blogger mums a virtual high five! Managing to look after kids and take outfit photos is no easy task and especially if you’re doing so on your own, I can tell you this because I got a little insight to what it must be like the day we took these photos. I was looking after my two nephews, which I do so often, though usually i’m doing so when my mum and sister are around too but this time I was on my own with them. When i’m doing this I am usually in my ultra casual wear, clothes that are super basic and not styled to take photos. But this time it was kinda sprung upon me that i’d be watching them and so I was already dressed and ready to take photos. It was getting dark and it would appear that no-one would be home in time to take any photos and so in my refusal to give up on the idea of having photos taken of this outfit, I put my youngest nephew in his pram and the camera around the neck of my eldest nephew and we set out to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

It must have been a right sight for any onlookers, there was me stood in the middle of the car park posing like some vain fool,  bossing my nephew around, trying to get him to get at least a couple of decent shots of this look! Then there was the two year old in his pram giving a high pitched scream every now and again because he wanted the camera his older brother was holding and all of this whilst mums were parking on the road opposite going to pick up their kids from school. And then where we were standing, there were a bunch of builders stood almost directly in front of us. It was crazy and we got the job done but I wouldn’t want to go through that every time I wanted my outfit photos taken! No, no and no.

So yeah, fair play to the mummy bloggers.

Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox






(old) Topshop Beanie

(old) French Connection Sweater

(old) Topshop Jeans

All Saints Duffle Coat

(old) Stella McCartney Shoes – love these boots HERE



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