Movies & TV Series To Watch This Year





I’ve wanted to make a post about movies and tv series for a while now as watching films either at the cinema or at home and not to mention tv series is actually quite a big hobby of ours. I grew up watching movies, though mainly Disney films, musicals and well, Friends. I remember when our uncle lived with us and I used to sneak up to his room because he had two book cases filled with video tapes (it was the nineties) and I just loved picking them out and looking at the covers of them. I remember he had Silence of the lambs (I was about eight years old at the time) and the cover used to scare the crap out of me and yet I was always intrigued and compelled to always look at it, thinking about the day I would finally be old enough to watch it.

Moving on and going back to the first few years of being unwell with M.E and watching tv was one of the only things I was able to do and even now as much I would love to do other, more active things with my time and energy the reality is, right now that isn’t always an option. The truth is I have to spend a big part of my life recuperating and recharging my batteries, as anyone who suffers with this illness or knows of someone who suffers with M.E will know. So over the years I have watched a lot of films and tv series and thankfully it’s something Conan (boyfriend) loves doing too, probably even more then me.

Today I wanted to talk about movies and tv series i’ve watched this year so far and movies I am looking forward to watching! I feel as though the best movies always tend to be at the beginning of the year and so far 2017 has already pulled out some absolute crackers.

Movies we’ve watched so far.

We started the year by watching the incredible La La Land, if you haven’t watched it yet, please do when you can.  Then a little while after that, we watched SPLIT with James Mcavoy, who did exceptionally well playing so many different personalities, it was an amazing thriller and another movie that most certainly didn’t disappoint.

Then we went to see Hacksaw Bridge, a movie we had been looking forward to seeing for months and from what we seen of it was brilliant but unfortunately that trip to the cinema got cut short (you can read more here) and so we didn’t get to see the film through but we will be watching all the way through once it released to buy.

At the weekend we to watch Logan, a film that Conan in particular was excited to see. This film was great and proves that when they actually try, Marvel films can be made supremely well and can indeed carry character depth and a good story and doesn’t have to be over the top action scenes continuously.

Our latest movie at the cinema has been the Batman Lego movie. We went with my sister along with our nephew. I loved the original The Lego Movie and so I knew i’d probably like this one too. It was indeed a funny watch and though I personally preferred the Lego Movie to this Batman one, I still really enjoyed it and would happily watch it again.

Movies Coming Up For March 

The next film I look forward to seeing is without doubt Disney’s remake of The Beauty & The Beast! I loved Maleficent, Cinderella was beautiful and The Jungle Book was amazing and so i’m sure Beauty & The Beast will follow suit and it does start Emma Watson and who doesn’t just adore her?! Would it be too weird to dress up Belle When going to watch it? Probs! Kong: Skull Island could be good but i’m concerned it’s going to be all action and not a lot of depth or storyline. The Trailer looks good, so i’ll definitely give it a watch and hope for the best.

Tv Series To Watch 

I love a good tv series, whether it’s a serious dram, a compelling thriller or a light hearted comedy. Last year I watched and advise you to watch if you haven’t seen them already, series like Stranger Things, The Night Manager, Game Of Throne (obvs) and The Missing. This we kicked of 2017 y watching the latest season Of Sherlock, it was awesome as it always is but three episodes is never enough for this Sherlock fan! Then we watched Tom Hardy in Taboo. I really recommend watching this and no, not just because Tom Hardy is in it (though that does help) but because it’s really good and a bit different, which is always refreshing. Though I do advise maybe putting the subtitles on as well.  

We also just finished watching the last season of Boardwalk Empire which we have been meaning to do for a while now. It’s made me want to go back and re-watch all the seasons again. I actually watched a series called Freaks & Geeks recently which is very old now but I have to say I really enjoyed it. The series features a very young, James Franco, Seth Rogan, Linda Cardellini, Jason Segal and many more. They sadly only did one season, I don’t know why, I haven’t looked into it but from what I can see, it’s really liked and so I do wish there were more seasons but that’s just me being greedy. But yes, watch it, it’s available on Netflix!

I hope you liked todays post for something a little different and a little more personal. Have any movie suggestions? I don’t mind old or new, or even some tv series you think I might like to watch, just let me know.

Take care,

Daniella xox






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