Flashback To London Fashion Week




Lets go back to when it was London Fashion week! I’ve been meaning to share with you that outfit that I wore and so here is the first look that I put together. I always plan my LFW looks, I think most people probably do and I knew I had to create a look that involved this coat, as it really does make such a striking impact. I love how it especially stands out when teamed with some classic blue and white stripes. Adding specific details to an outfit is something I like to do in order to add depth, points of interest and hopefully a sense of uniqueness. For this outfit I did this buy turning my shirt around so it was worn backwards, this is nothing new but still remains to be a cool style trick. All day Conan (my  boyfriend ) kept saying to me that I had put my shirt on the wrong way, yes ha ha ha very funny.

I also added these statement earrings that I had picked up for about £12.00 from Marks & Spencer and I have to say I have been wearing them a lot and they were a massive point of interest for the other street style  photographers that day, they asking for close up shots of them. You may be wondering if my feet were cold wearing these mules but I had a little trick up my sleeves with these and inserted some fury insoles inside them and this worked a treat. You also may be able to spot the pink in my hair here, though by this time it had faded out quite a bit but more on this topic soon.

Well, have a great week lovelies!

Take care,

Daniella xox






Topshop Boutique Coat – different but love this HERE

Marks & Spencer Earrings – similar HERE

(old) Marks & Spencer (mens) Stripe Shirt – love this HERE & HERE

(old) Urban Outfitters Light Before Dark Trousers – love these HERE

(old) Warehouse Shoes – love these HERE



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