Taking It Easy & Thinking Of Spring


Even though we got back from London fashion week a couple of days ago now, I’m still feeling exhausted. Because I suffer with M.E (worry if I’m always mentioning it, it’s just in case anyone New the blog is reading this) I just a couple of days on London can feel like a week to me. I have to spend a week taking it extra easy before I go and about the same amount of time recuperating. It’s annoyingly but 1. I’m used to it and 2. It’s worth it because I love going London and I only do it a couple of times a year, so I like to make the most of it!

Moving on and you know what? Recently it ever so slightly feels like the hint of spring is in the air! Maybe not today because it’s super grey outside but the last week or so it’s definitely feeling closer. Because of this, I was inspired to share this look with you today. It was shot on a mild day and it feels more spring like with the neutral colour pallet and the lighter layers infused with a pop of print. It reminds me of the lighter dressing to come!

I hope you like the like look. Take care,

Daniella xox


Whistles Bomber Jacket

Jumper 1234 Cashmere Sweater

(old) Topshop Trousers

Topshop Leopard Print Shoes

Chanel Bag


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