A Different Way To Do Casual



It’s Monday, though as I write this its Sunday evening and we are currently traveling back from London. The traffic getting out of the city is always mental and so instead of being the bored passenger I thought I’d write today’s blog post! Back to Monday and today it is my amazing boyfriend’s birthday, he’s turning 28. I know it’s a cliche but it feels like only yesterday when we were 18 in the midst of summer and falling in love. We are spending the day together, thankfully he’s got it off.

I still massively love this Joseph jumpsuit that I bought last summer. I wanted to wear and style it in a way that felt casual and a little unpredictable. I layered an old sequin dress over a t-shirt which I then wore under the jumpsuit. I know that sequins don’t exactly scream casual but these things happen when my eyes spot something sparkly hanging in my wardrobe and this post is about ” a different way to do casual” Somehow when worn with a puffer jacket and sneakers it feels right and brings in the casual vibes I was looking for.

Anyway wishing you all a wonderful week and I’ll update you more about my time during LFW later this week.

Take care,

Daniella xox







My Outfit:

Topshop Puffer Jacket

Joseph Jumpsuit

(old) Topshop T-Shirt

(old) Sequin Dress

Adidas Sneakers


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