How was everyones Valentines Day? I hope that however you spent it, it was spent being  happy. Unfortunately we had to abort our original plans, I came down with the stomach flu late Sunday evening and so going out for dinner wasn’t exactly a possibility. We had actually just sat down to FINALLY see Hacksaw ridge, a film i’ve been looking forward to watching since we first seen the trailer months and months ago and all of a sudden I felt really unwell and so forty minutes into the movie, we had to get up and leave. It was supper annoying. I’m feeling a bit better now but because I suffer with M.E it can take me a lot longer to get over these kind of things. So, not only did it ruin our movie, our valentines meal but i’m also worried it’s going to mean that I have to cancel my London Fashion week plans. I don’t know, hopefully all will turn out well in the end.

Even though I bought these sporty trousers from Topshop last year, they are still one of my current favourite pieces to wear. I love how they look here with a feminine blouse and a tailored cream coat for a contrasting effect. Talking of favourites, these Alexander Wang sneakers were all I seemed to wear a few years back and though I have never completely abandoned wearing them, it’s become a lot less and so it’s nice to get them back out. I almost forgot how comfortable they are.

Take care,

Daniella xox








(old) Topshop Beanie

(Old) French Connection Coat

(old) Topshop Floral Print Blouse

(old) Topshop Sporty Trousers

(old) Alexander Wang Sneakers



Posted by:Daniella Robins

3 replies on “After Valentines Day: Sporty & Floral Print

  1. Daniella this outfit is so wonderfully “you” – the contrast of tailoring and sportswear is utter perfection. Then you’ve thrown in some florals too – your styling skills are nothing short of amazing hon!! I’d like to take this outfit home with me pleeeeeeeeease 😉

    Hope you’re well, much love

    Catherine x


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