Mondays Look: The Printed Dress







A printed feminine dress is usually associated with the spring or summertime but I love how refreshing it is to wear in the midst of winter. I styled this Topshop printed dress  with a minimalist approach and styled with my Topshop boutique cream, funnel neck coat, a simple black turtleneck and my go-to chunky, ankle boots. I opted out of tights as it was a lot milder when I wore this, unlike it is as I write this post today. No, today it’s freezing and in fact it’s just stopped snowing. I can’t tell you how delighted I was to wake up to the magical sight of snow this morning (it’s Saturday as I write this) and though it hasn’t settled, it was pretty whilst is lasted.

As I write this, our dog is making me throw his toy, so he can play fetch, why does he always want to play fetch when i’m sat at the computer, trying to work?! It’s highly irritating and very distracting. It’s so distracting that I am writing about because thinking of anything else to write is close to impossible when a dog is constantly nudging me to give him attention. But I try not to complain too much because i’ve learnt the painful way that it’s the annoying things you miss the most once they’ve gone ! And though that hopefully wont be for a long time, I try not to take it all for granted.

Take care, have a lovely week and remember to take the time to be with and enjoy your nearest and dearest.

Daniella xox






Topshop Boutique Coat

Topshop Dress

Kurt Geiger Ankle Boots


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