Friday’s Look: The Additional Layer




It was so cold the day I wore this and even with all the layers i’m wearing it just wasn’t enough. I guess there are some days in winter, where its better to stay warm under the bed covers. Todays look is quite simple really but I think the additional layer of the blazer gives the casual simplicity of this outfit an unexpected twist.

February always seems like it’s such a busy month! First there is Valentines day (in need of some gift or style inspiration for this loving day, check out HERE & HERE)  and then there is London fashion week, followed by my boyfriends birthday. So no shopping for me in the month of February! So this weekend will be my last calm weekend for a little while and I am going to try and make the most of it. We have been re-watching game of thrones and we are already at season six, I expect we will polish that one off over the next couple of days too. I do love the winter for catching up or re-watching favourite tv shows or films. Talking of films, we are hopefully going to go and see Hacksaw Ridge this weekend, has anyone else seen this?

Take care,

Daniella xox








Cashmere Beanie

All Saints Duffle Coat – love this HERE

(old) Jack Wills Blazer

Topshop Jeans

(old) Laura Ashley Bag – love this HERE

(old) Acne Studios


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