Statement Knitwear & The Modern Times We Live In




I’ve had this skirt for a few years now and I remember that before I bought it, I had loved it for ages and ages and then I finally got it and it was every bit beautiful that I imagined and hoped it would be. The only thing was, the fit was slightly off and I wished I had bought it in a size smaller. I find that when I wear tops or knits over this skirt as opposed to tucked in, then this works and looks heaps better. I don’t have many statement knits but I think this one makes up for that. I always enjoy bringing this beaut out during the winter months, the colouring and the print is bold and eye catching whilst having a classic feel.

I must tell you this small story that got me thinking about the times we live in now. It was the other day and I was sat down having a little chat with my nephew, when he suddenly turned and looked at me, asking who my favourite you tubers are? I was stumped for an answer because if i’m honest I don’t really watch many, as he put it, You tubers. Which I know sounds kinda old fashioned but currently, I just don’t. To me though, this seemed like a prominent moment for myself. When I was his age I would have asked the question “who’s your favourite pop band” and whilst i’m sure this still happens, I guess it just struck me on how things really have changed. Obviously You Tube has been a sensation for years now and maybe kids have been asking these questions longer then I have been aware of but to me it felt like a moment that really reflects the modern times we live in and how my nephews upbringing will be different and un-relatable to me in many ways. It’s amazing and I look forward to him having the different experiences, I just hope that we can continue to grow this world we live in, to be a more positive and loving place, so that the next generation can enjoy the beauty that it has to offer.

Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox







Topshop Beanie

(old) Knit

(old) Reiss Pleated Skirt – love this HERE

Chanel Bag

Kurt Geiger Patent Boots – ON SALE HERE




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