Talking Denim & Rude Waitresses






It’s been a while since I last wore these dark denim jeans that I bought from Acne Studios a few years back, as it seems that I my light wash straight jeans from Topshop have been my go-to pair in the last 8 months. I am currently looking for a new pair of jeans, I would like to find a blue pair but haven’t found any that have caught my attention as of yet but I also want to finally get around to buying a pair of high waisted jeans in black, I just know I would get a lot of wear out of them. I think i’m going to get this pair HERE from Topshop. I have been told they fade out quite quickly but that doesn’t worry me too much as I don’t tend to wash my jeans all that often, sounds gross I know but I don’t think its good to over wash jeans.

 The day I wore this, we were going for a spot of lunch at my favourite spot in town and when we arrived there it was mad busy. I politely asked the waitress if she had any idea on how long it would be until a table would become available and she sarcastically replied with” I don’t know, I can’t read peoples minds”! I thought this was really rude, I laughed at her whilst repeating back to her what she had just said and left. After I thought of many good responses but why is it that when you’re in the moment, the mind draws a blank?! It’s so frustrating and it happens to me often and I believe it’s usually due to the fact that a lot of these instances are unexpected and so one is not prepared. It’s a shame that she spoke to us like that because it’s a place we have been going to almost every month since it opened a few years back. It’s a great spot in Taunton (which is a rarity) and I would usually advise  it to anyone who would ask where a good spot to eat is. I am trying to not let one bad experience ruin the years of good experiences we have had there.


Take care,

Daniella xox






Topshop Puffer Jacket – love this selection HERE

Marks & Spencer Cable-Knit sweater – different but love this HERE

(old) Acne Studios Jeans – love these HERE

Kurt Geiger Patent Boots – On SALE HERE


5 thoughts

  1. Such a shame. If there’s anything I absolutely hate it’s terrible customer service. I worked as a waitress myself at a point during university and the restaurant I worked in made sure we understood the importance of being courteous to customers!

    / ORR – Life & Style Journal


  2. Do you consider yourself to be an introvert? I am. Introverts have long neural pathways to retrieve and process information, so it just takes them a little longer to come up with responses. Thats why I am terrible at job interviews!


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