On The Snowy Moors Of Exmoor



These photos were taken a while back now and they were taken on the amazing moors of Exmoor. We always pass there when we are on our way to where our grandparents live and every time we pass it I look over to Conan (boyfriend) and I say how we must take photos here sometime. Well, this time when we were driving through them it had been snowing and I was in absolute amazement with how incredibly beautiful the view was! I mean the moors are stunning anytime of the year, the land is so vast and the odd sighting of wild exmoor ponies make it all the more special but covered in snow and you have yourself one hell of a photo shoot setting. Enough procrastinating I thought to myself, let’s just pull up and take some shots. Funnily enough that day I was feeling a bit down because we had plans that I’d been looking forward to and due to an unexpected event, we had to abort them to take my mum over to my grandparents. But if we had stuck to our original plans, then this shoot would have never happened and well I love how these photos turned out and so I got over my feel sorry for myself state of mind! I think it can sometimes be too easy to get caught up in disappointment and forget to look for the positive potential that a sudden change can bring. But I am learning and these experiences help me with that.

Now about my outfit, it’s been a while since I opted for a blazer instead of a coat! Now whilst this can seem a little out of touch with reality considering I’m stood there surrounded by snow, I must let you know that this was the only place that had snow, I was very well layered with warm items of clothing and we didn’t have many plans for being outside that day. In fact we went to the nearest cafe afterwards and filled ourselves up on the warmest food we could.

Wishing you a creative and calm week.

Take care,

Daniella xox





(old) Warehouse Blazer

(old) Abercrombie & Fitch Hooded Cardigan

(old) Margaret Howell Grey Knit

Mes Demoiselles Trousers

Selected Femme Boots



2 thoughts

  1. You are the queen of unexpected layering! I love this outfit to the last stitch, even those weird white pants that look like a men’s undergarment. Is that what they are? They look fabulous on you! 🙂


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