Talking La La Land + Comfy Winter Style






Last week we went to see La La Land and my God was it INCREDIBLE! Like, I want to go back and see it all over again because it was simply magical. It was a little hard to know what to expect and so I didn’t really have any expectations apart from the craze that is currently surrounding it. It was so uplifting, refreshing yet nostalgic and has set a new standard. In a world where superhero’s have rained supreme the last few years, seeing something so far removed from that is just what this movie lover needed and I am sure many would agree with me. I didn’t check the time once through this beautiful  cinematic experience and for me, that’s a good sign. My boyfriend didn’t realise it was in fact a musical and for the first ten minutes he was sat with uncertainty, worried about what he was about to witness! But even he hasn’t stopped talking about it, we both came home and listened to the soundtrack, which was equally as delightful on the ears as the visual was to the eyes. So yes! Go and see it pronto.

Sorry I’ve gone all movie critic….again! This is actually what I wore the day we went to watch the movie, I like to try and keep to comfortable and warm items when we are going to the cinema, as I often get cold in there. I know it kinda looks like I have male, um, genitals in those trousers i’m wearing but its cool, maybe i’m just taking androgyny to a whole new level. 😀

Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox






(old) Cos Puffa Jacket

(old) Helen Moore Faux Fur Stole

(boyfriends) American Vintage Sweater

Mes Demoiselles Trosuers

Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers



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