Stuck On What To Wear? Here’s Some Style Inspiration






It’s a cold Tuesday in January and we are all in need of a little style inspiration and so I thought I would share some street style photos that I took.

Here you can be inspired to style a vintage coat with gucci’s latest “it” tee or you know, what I would do, find one of my good old favourite t-shirts that I own already.

Or you could get out your reliable camel coat and style with a feminine blouse and your fave denim jeans.

You could keep it simple with a slightly oversized grey coat and team with black cropped trousers and brogues and whilst we are on the theme of black and grey, you could take your trusty leather biker jacket and style with a black turtleneck and grey midi skirt or a midi skirt of your own colour choice.   

In the mood for your cosy faux fur? Well, then update it by wearing a hoodie underneath and add in a leather mini and fishnet tights for those edgy London town vibes.

If you’re bored of the darker pallet, then find your brightest coat or treat yourself and buy one if you don’t own any brightly coloured coats already and tell yourself its for your wellbeing if you have to, no one is judging you here! You could belt it and wear with sneakers if you don’t want to think to deeply about how to style it. Or you could team it with a pair of contrasting trousers and an epic printed tee for a more “out there” look. 


I hope I have been able to inspire you a little this morning.

Take care,

Daniella xox




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