Today’s Look: The Velvet Touch





It started with an idea in my head with how I could bring this very old navy blue, velvet mini skirt into the now, when the thought came to me, I could try wearing it as a boob tube type top but of course over a white shirt and only if it would fit around my chest! But when it came to trying it on, I quickly discovered that it indeed did not fit around my chest in the way that I had hoped and visualised. You should have seen the site of me though, trying to make this tiny skirt fit me like a boob tube, hair was in disarray, arms half in and half out of the skirt, I looked a mess. But it was in the midst of this mess that I discovered another way that I could style this skirt and that is how todays look came to be.

I love deep colours of velvet, I think it can look so chic. I recently bought a very dark green velvet jacket from the Marls & Spencer January sale, which i’m super happy with and excited to share with you, something I will try and do very soon. I also went with a dark lip colour, not something I do often but every now and again and especially during the winter I like to get a little cray cray 😀 I think I can often neglect the fact that make up can work as a great accessory to an outfit and with the right look it can really set off your look. The problem is, i’m not actually that experimental when it comes to make up and that is probably why I can sometimes ignore the strength of make up. Even no make up can have a strong impact on a look, maybe I should try and show more versatility in this area of my style.

Do you like to get creative with make up?

Take care,

Daniella xox






(old) Jack Wills Skirt (worn as top)

Vintage Oversized Shirt

(old) Topshop Trousers

(old) Topshop Snake Print Boots



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