Into The Forest





This shearling jacket is what I received for Christmas 2015 and it has absolutely become a winter staple of mine and is one of the warmest pieces I own and it is also very versatile, working with anything from feminine floral dresses to simple jeans and brogues. So if you have not invested in this must-have coat style, then I say you should rethink this and especially if it continues get colder.

These are probably my most favourite photos we have taken so far this Autumn/Winter! The location where we shot these photos was simply amazing and the foggy mist that surrounded us in the forest that day just seemed to add to the wintery vibe of this shoot, it was kinda magical. Being submerged into nature is something that brings me so much peace and happiness. I feel mentally and spiritually free, able to release any pent-up emotions and gain healing from the calmness that nature provides. I am so glad I have reached a point of appreciation when it comes to nature, as before a few years ago I just didn’t even consider myself a nature person. Now, I take every opportunity I can to get out there in the mist of it. My wardrobe isn’t technically equipped for it but that doesn’t matter to me, I wear what I feel confident in, not what I “should wear”.

I hope you like today’s casual look and also the photos too.

Take care and wishing you all a wonderful, creative and peaceful week,

Daniella xox






Cashmere Beanie – love this HERE & HERE

(old) Topshop Shearling Coat – love this HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Bellfield White Jeans

Grenson Brogues – HERE


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