Street Style: London Fashion Week Mens






Hey lovelies, at the weekend we went up to London for the day, mainly to shoot some street style during the Saturday of London Fashion Week Mens. We managed to get to quite a few locations, which I was happy with and in turn managed to get some great street style shots. I’ve only been to the mends fashion week once before, which was to attend a show and I remember it was a lot quieter then normal London Fashion and I was expecting the same this time and though it was still noticeably calmer, it was little more busier then I had originally anticipated but that kinda just added to the atmosphere. Thankfully it didn’t rain too hard, it just was a typical grey London day with a bit of drizzle every now and again.

I have enough shots to share over the next few weeks, its been a while since this blog had a good dose of street style and so I thought it was about time that it was brought back for a little while. It’s something I really enjoy doing and I do hope you enjoy some of the shots I am sharing with you today.

Take care,

Daniella xox








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