New Coat Alert! Plus What I Hope To Achieve In 2017





Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Here I am wearing this black All Saints Duffle coat that I received from the awesome boyf for Christmas! I mentioned it to him long before Christmas but didn’t think he would have taken notice of my not so subtle hinting but obviously I was very much mistaken. I love that the style is classic and casual but the black smartens it up a bit, making it the perfect smart/casual coat. I’m also wearing this cream cable-knit jumper that I bought from M&S just before Christmas and it’s one of those pieces that I cant seem to get out of. It is so cosy and because I love it so much I then bought the grey version in the sale just a few days after Christmas.


I’ve not really spoken about what I hope to achieve in 2017 and so I might take the opportunity to write about it today. 2016 was a challenging year for me personally but I try and take in my stride and take it as lessons to be learned about myself, the people around me and just life itself. Whilst it was filled with times of sadness, I was also able to make some positive changes which included diving even further into my spiritual side, which helped me learn things about myself and that was very  enlightening experience. For 2017 I hope to continue to grow as a person and to become even more confident with who I am. I want to judge others less, give more to charity (something I started towards the end of 2016), learn to do floral arrangements, commit to yoga, continue to eat well and cut out my meat intake even more so (started this in 2016 also) as well as my sugar intake (that’s going to be a hard one) and just be able to laugh more this year and not take the day to day bullshit to heart as much as I do.

Whether I am simply just procrastinating only time will tell but I hope that by writing on my blog and sharing this with you all, that maybe it will help encourage me to stick to what I would like to achieve this new year.

Take care and wishing you a wonderful week,

Daniella xox




All Saints Duffle Coat – similar HERE & HERE

Marks & Spencer Knit – love this HERE

(old) Polo Ralph Lauren Skirt – love this HERE & HERE

Grenson Brogues – love these HERE & HERE


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