Christmas Traditions: Picking Our Tree







Though we have had or christmas tree for a couple of weeks now, I thought I would still share my annual Christmas tree picking post with you today as it is indeed the lead up week to Christmas!! Every year we go to the same place to pick our Christmas tree; Langford Lakes, which a family run business. They are always super helpful and very friendly and every year it gets busier and busier but that’s not a bad thing, it’s a positive reflection on the experience that the whole family can have there. Every year they have a Sant Clause that my eldest  nephew always looks forward to and i’m sure my youngest nephew will feel the same. They have a beautiful decorations shop, which I would have taken photos of but it was too busy to really capture the amazing decorations that they stock, maybe next year.

For many reasons, Christmas is my favourite time of the year but one of the main reasons, is the time we make to be together more as a family. I also adore following the traditions we do year after year, as well as making new ones. Sometimes I get a little caught up in thinking that every Christmas the things we do must be the same as they are every year in order to make it happy but in reality life doesn’t work like that and so if an unexpected change does occur then I must simply adjust and adapt because Christmas is all about the happy and giving spirit that one has.


I admit that I do get a little sad seeing all the tree’s cut down just to serve our human Christmas traditions but I am so grateful for the memories that in doing so they are able to create.

Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox




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