When I Stupidly Ignored My Own Style Advice


So last Friday I shared what I wore for my late night shopping trip (see here) and I also shared a few of my own style tips for creating an ideal shopping look. Well, a week later for my second late night shopping trip I went rogue on my own rules, well, not rules but you get my drift. I managed to keep my outfit simple with classic denim, a t-shirt  worn over a turtleneck and then a non fussy coat. This time around it was a lot warmer then the week before and so I didn’t need a scarf, hat or a super warm coat. But where I did in fact go rogue/wrong and probably the stupidest mistake I could have made, was wearing a pair of heeled boots instead of a pair of comfortable flats!

How could I be so foolish?! I was also traveling on the bus which often means there is more walking is involved. I believe my thinking was, that I had worn these boots out an about before where they haven’t really ended up hurting my feet but not whilst trawling the shops and so it left me not really giving the shoe thing much thought. But boy was I thinking about it a few hours later when my feet were aching like fu**! Though the heels may not look too bad to you and I guess they honestly aren’t that bad but because i’m not the biggest high heel wearer in the world, anything above two inches starts causing me discomfort rather quickly.

Even though I am complaining, I did really like this outfit. I don’t wear this USA t-shirt that I picked up in Miami last year almost nearly enough and I really should start wearing it more. I especially like how it looks with denim but I would also be intrigued to see if I could dress it up a little more the next time I style it.

Take care and wishing you a great Friday and a lovely weekend,

Daniella xox

p.s Thanks to my lil sis for taking these photos.


(old) Jack Wills Coat

USA T-Shirt

Topshop Jeans

(old) Topshop Boots

(old) Laura Ashley Bag


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