Styling Browns & Grey, The Classic Way.






It feels like i’m wearing a lot of browns recently, I don’t know what has inspired this but i’m going with it. I have always incorporated classic styles into my outfits as my love for timeless pieces is an essential part of my personal style but in the last month or so I have wanted to encapsulate this into my looks more and more.

I have had these grey trousers for a few years now and the slight balloon shape they take on is a great example of a modern classic and this is one of the reasons why I always come back to them year after year. I was also excited to get back into my brown leather boots, that undoubtedly seem to get better and better the more they age. Talking of brown leather pieces, today i’m wearing this suede Ralph Lauren belt that i’ve also had for years but don’t wear all that often. I mean I wear a brown leather belt almost every other day but I prefer an everyday belt to be even more subtle, maybe not so much gold. But here, the gold details on the belt made quite the impact on a relatively simplistic look.

I know some people are wary of how brown and grey can look but personally I love it. How to stop these colours looking a little too dreary? Well, in my opinion it’s all breaking up the pallet with an infusion of print or texture or both! Whilst the look may lack in fun pops of colour, the clash that is created between the puppy tooth print and snake print however, brings something more interesting to a colour combination that could otherwise be seen as being a little dull.

What do you think of grey and brown being styled together?

Take care,

Daniella xox




(old) Isabel Marant Jacket – different but love this HERE

 Jumper 1234 Cashmere Knit – love this HERE  & HERE

(old) Topshop Snake Print Bag

(old) Freda Trousers – love these HERE, HERE & HERE

(old) Ralph Lauren Belt – love this HERE

(old) Acne Studios Boots – Love these HERE & HERE


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