Feeling The Nostalgia Of My Teenage Youth




So how was everyones weekend? Did anyone shop much of the Black Friday deals? I did and i’m not even sorry! I actually prepared myself and saved my money in order to shop the black Friday sales, though it was mainly spent on Christmas gifts for others. Twenty percent off here and there really does help and especially for the higher priced items. Though I must admit I do  prefer to do the black Friday sales online. I did actually get myself into town to see if there was anything to be snapped up but unfortunately it was quite disappointing in terms of sales and deals.

My look today features an old Mqueen t-shirt I stole from the boyf. I bought it for him years ago, so  I must have some kind of right to wear it, no? I styled it over a long sleeve top and khaki trousers finished of with navy Adidas sneakers for a casual look that had some sorta skater/grungy vibe. Whenever I look back at this outfit, I just have Avril Lavigne “Skater boy” song come into my head! Ah, how that takes me back. My cousin, my sister and I used to listen to that song over and over again because it was back in the days when you would buy a single on a cd and you literally had to listen to it over and over again because it was the only song on the disc.

I also dug out my very old Versace bag for this outfit. If you look close enough, you can tell how old it is because you’ll see stains all over it. To say I made use of this bag would be an understatement. I was fifteen (I think) when this bag was bought for me and having a Versace bag was like a BIG DEAL for me at that age and so it went everywhere with me. I have contemplated selling it on a number of times but the nostalgia of my youth gets me every time and so it has stuck with me.

Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox







(boyfriends old) Alexander MQueen T-shirt

Light before dark khaki Trousers

Adidas sneakers


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