Knitwear On My Mind






As I look out of my window all I can see is a grey sky and a constant stream of rain drizzle run down our windows. It’s bloody cold (our heating isn’t working properly) and all I want to be wearing is a good thick knit and thankfully because of the time of year, there are so so many gorgeous knits to feast our eyes on.

The five knitted jumpers I have featured above are on my mind a lot. Now I know what will likely happen, i’l spend too long trying to make a decision on what knit to buy, that i’ll end up missing out on them all. Though the Joseph abstract knit is just shy of £600.00 so i’ll probably just give that one a miss 😉 but it is an undoubtedly special piece and if I could, i’d snap it up in an instance.

I hope you like and enjoy my selection of knitwear. Is there any that take your fancy?

Take care,

Daniella xox





Zara Studio Grey Knit – HERE

Marks & Spencer Cable-knit Sweater – HERE

Joseph Abstract Knit – HERE

Zara Knitted sweater dress – HERE

Topshop Patchwork Knit – HERE




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