Classic With Adidas Originals




There is something about wearing sporty gear that just feels so natural to me. I always loved being active and sporty from a young age and I have always had a lot of drive and competitiveness (the good kind) that came natural to me but that was also installed in me from young age. Sports/p.e was very important to me during my time in school and whilst I am no longer able to take part in any sports or go the gym, ( due to suffering with M.E) I can still channel my sports desire through my sartorial choices. These Adidas Originals leggings are perfect for achieving a classic sports look and whilst I tend to only spot these leggings on the legs of fifteen year old girls, I couldn’t let that put me off. I refuse to ever be that person who won’t wear or buy something incase i’m seen to be old for it.

Anyway these leggings are classics and it’s probably because I live in a small town that it seems that only teenage girls wear the leggings in question.

Lately things have been manic in my family home! Many unexpected and upsetting instances have been occurring. I find that when these unforeseen things crop up, sometimes I can deal with it and other times, it’s like I want to fight it and carry on as normal and pretend that the situation doesn’t exist. The latter is how I have felt recently. But I have found that it really is best to just accept the circumstances and simply try and make the best of a bad situation. It’s the only way that truly works for me in the end because otherwise I find myself using more energy trying to fight a battle that I already know I won’t win. And I don’t mean that in a pessimistic way more like an intuitive/realistic way.

Best wishes,

Daniella xox






Topshop Bomber Jacket – HERE

River Island t-shirt

Adidas Leggings – Via Topshop – HERE

Adidas Sneakers – love these HERE & HERE




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