The Styling Of Modern Classics





The last time I wore this blouse I styled it in a somewhat quirky way with a red printed skirt and some mustard coloured socks and croc print slippers (see here). This time I have gone for a slightly more modern minimalist meets modern classics meets slightly retro vibe and  I really love the end result.


Both the blouse and jumpsuit are by one of my favourite designer brands, Joseph and so it was almost inevitable that the two items were going to work well together. The pairing of these chic pieces felt almost effortless and whilst I would have been happy enough to leave the outfit at just that with the obvious additions such as footwear and a bag to carry my necessary/ unnecessary goods, I couldn’t. It’s simply not warm enough to leave it at just the blouse and jumpsuit, so I added in my old yet trustworthy orange turtleneck and navy blazer, which by the way is warmer then it looks.

The jumpsuit does have a slightly more “evening wear” feel to it but I believe I have managed to make it feel just as appropriate for daywear too. Here is how I styled it for the evening back in the summer. If you wanted to wear this look now,  then all you would have to do is simply add a long wool coat and maybe a sheer turtleneck.

Take care and wishing you all a wonderful week,

Daniella xox

p.s Do you think its too soon to start posting about Christmasy things yet? I just excited thats all 😉






My Outfit: 

Reiss Blazer – similar HERE

Joseph blouse – love this HERE & HERE

Joseph Jumpsuit – love this HERE

Chanel Bag

Topshop Snake print boots – love these HERE




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