When Times Are Tough, Count Your Blessings






Ah what a week it has been! I don’t know how i’m still going right now! In the last week my mum has been taken into hospital twice due to ongoing health problems, my nephew has also been in once worried that he had concussion and now he has been admitted again due to them being more concerned and my sister from another mister’s mum was also sadly rushed in. You just cant make these things up and on top of that I have been a little under the weather in the midst of all of this. My poor younger sister celebrated her birthday during all of this too, A&E on your birthday morning isn’t exactly living the dream, is it?!

But through all of this our family that we have made over the years have all come together to support each other and that has been such a beautiful blessing to be part of. I always try and retain a positive state of mind even in the extremely testing times, it’s one of things that keeps me going, i’m not saying I always succeed in maintaining an optimistic outlook but I do try and with having such amazing people around, we all are able to help each other and so that’s the positive I take from this testing week.


Also having this blog to take my mind off of things, bringing a sense of creativity continues to be a great outlet for me. Plus when things are out of our control, its good have a constant, that we can keep a firm grip on. I’m currently shattered and should probably be going back to bed but instead i’m here writing this and that is why I love my blog because it’s still something I very much enjoy.


Take care lovelies,


Daniella xox



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