The Bird Print Dressing Gown






A few weeks ago I bought this beautiful dressing gown from my friends beautiful shop Vantage at No.7! I had fallen for it the moment Lynette (the shop owner) had first shown me. But like I always do, I sat back and thought about it, I didn’t want to act on impulse. I knew immediately that if I were to buy, it wouldn’t be used for dressing gown purposes, it’s to mesmerising to keep inside the confines of my home. With that in mind, I also had to consider whether an item such as this is a bit silly to go buying when it is really starting to get cold outside now. Everything considered, I made the decision that it was indeed absolutely necessary that I had this dressing gown in my life 😉 And i’ve actually come up with a couple of looks already and one of which I will be sharing before the week is out, so keep  an eye on my outfit posts this week.




I hope you like this bird print dressing gown as much as I do!

Take care,

Daniella xox







One Hundred Stars Dressing Gown – via Vantage at N0.7


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