The Thing About Buying Basics….






This was one of my favourite looks from when my style was transitioning into Fall and it was one hundred percent inspired by the Elizabeth & James Pre Fall 2016 collection, which is my favourite from this year’s Pre Fall collection’s.

The leather jacket I am wearing is a piece I have had for years and years and one of the first wardrobe staples I invested in. I still love it to this day but it also reminds me how every year, I tell myself its time to by a new leather jacket! Not because this one needs replacing because it’s tired and worn out (as we all know that leather only gets better with age) but because there are many different styles of leather jackets out there and for the last few years I have lusted after a classic biker style, you know, very model off duty. The question is though, why I haven’t I invested in one yet? I know they are wroth every penny regardless to what I would spend on it, they pretty much go with everything, so limited outfit’s aren’t a problem and so I can only put it down to the same thing I have whenever I am buying knitwear, jeans or t-shirts and that is, that it’s kinda boring to buy them! Let’s call it “buying basics syndrome”! Don’t get me wrong once i’ve invested in pieces such as these, I am always so glad that I did but you know, I just don’t get that excited or have the “butterflies” feeling the same way I do when i’m buying something that feels like a completely new addition to my wardrobe, like a colourful faux fur coat or some zebra print shoes.

I will eventually get that biker jacket, that I know needs a place in the abyss that I like to call my wardrobe but for now, it will just have to wait.

Take care,

Daniella xox








(old) Karren Millen Leather Jacket

(old) Zara Tunic

Asos Skirt

Stella McCartney Slippers

(old) Topshop Snake print bag



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