When Girls Just Want To Have Fun!






I think girls do just want to have fun and the reason I mention it, is because these photos were taken by one of my dear friends, who has recently moved to London #proud. Between  her, my sister and myself, hell, even our mum sometimes, we all laugh A LOT! We are comfortable enough to dance like we think we are Beyonce (though probably looking like a bunch of tw*ts) we have a questionably sick sense of humour and we are anything but ladylike when left alone together. Christ, I even end up flashing trains when trying to create some inspiring imagery for the blog and i’m actually a shy person believe it or not. But that’s the wonderful thing about establishing relationships in where one feels comfortable enough to show a part of themselves, that would usually remain hidden.

My point is, well, nothing really other then just because you are female doesn’t mean you have to be on your most ladylike behaviour 24/7! It’s okay to let loose, not take yourself too seriously, joke about things with your closest people that you wouldn’t joke about with a stranger and flash oncoming trains (from a safe standpoint! Safety first 😉 once in a while, we have this thing called life and it should be lived with as much laughter as possible.

I haven’t too much to say on the outfit today, other then I simply adore how it comes across in these photos. Minimal layers with a subtle touch of colour, perfect.

Take care,

Daniella xox



My Outfit:

(old) Topshop Boutique Blazer – love this HERE & HERE

(old) Zara Tunic

(old) Leather Skirt – love this HERE & HERE

Topshop Ankle Socks – similar HERE

(old) Selected Brogues – love these HERE, HERE & HERE


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