Metallica T-Shirt & Zig Zag Trousers





Wow, it feels like that weekend just flew by! It was kinda busy, actually it was non stop but busy in a good way. The whole weekend was pretty much spent with Family and that’s fine by me. I almost didn’t get the chance to get today’s blogpost finished but I did and so here it is. The outfit i’m sharing with you today wasn’t the look I was going share, I wanted to post another bunch of outfit photos which featured a rather beautiful nude coloured dress and bomber jacket! But there were too many outfit photo’s to edit and I didn’t want to do a quick job on them, i’d rather take my time and put the post together properly.

It is funny because the contrast of today’s look and the look I was gong to share couldn’t be any further apart! Today’s outfit is a little more edgy/hippy/idk whereas the outfit I was originally going to post is minimal, chic and even a little ladylike. I don’t know if you remember but I blogged about these two pieces (tee & Trousers) a few weeks ago and I love how they look together, I do believe that this Metallica t-shirt will be my most worn piece of the autumn because it really is so easy to fall back on. I am unsure how often I will wear these zig zag trousers but I think it may be more then I first anticipated, just sat here now, typing this I have thought of a couple of looks that I would like to try out.

I hope you have a great week and a spooky Halloween!

Take care,

Daniella xox








My Outfit:

(old) All Saints Suede Jacket – similar HEREHERE, HERE

Metallica T-shirt via Topshop – similar HERE & HERE

Topshop Flares

Selected Femme boots



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