Today’s Post: On Stripes, Ben & Jerry’s & TK Maxx Knitwear….




Hey lovelies, I hope you all had a great weekend! Its Sunday morning as I write this and I have a few things on my mind like, what time shall we go and see Girl On a Train later? And more importantly should I treat myself to a Ben & Jerry’s Core Sundae? Of course I should! Why do I even bother to question it?! We are also likely to pop into town today to treat ourselves to a hot chocolate. We don’t have many unique coffee shops in Taunton and so its pretty much between Starbucks and Coffee 1 and well, coffee 1 are doing these amazing mint white hot chocolates at the moment and so that’s decision made I think. Also I spotted this beautiful dusty pink (mens) Jeager knit in Tk Maxx yesterday, it was reduced from £120.00 to £40.00 and even though it’s very much a colour of the moment, it’s undoubtedly classic and a beautiful quality and so I believe it would be money well spent. Just got to hope it’s still in there. I’m not a huge shopper at Tk Maxx but admittedly there is some amazing knitwear available right now.

Todays Look: I am a huge lover of stripes, so much so that I don’t actually wear them all that often and for a couple of reasons, 1. I have to stop myself otherwise I will actually wear them everyday because you can always rely on stripes to look good. And 2. i’m worried if I do wear them as much as I would like that I will in turn become bored of them or not appreciate the classic easiness of stripes and though I don’t believe that could ever happen, I do not want to test that theory! I wore my favourite striped top with some classic vintage Levi jeans, oversized blazer, some plain and simple oxfords and an old Gucci belt I found.

Have an amazing week!

Take care,

Daniella xox






(old) Asos (mens) Blazer – love this HERE

(old) Joseph Striped Top – love this HERE & HERE

Vintage Levi Jeans – love these HERE & HERE

(old) Gucci Belt – love this HERE

(old) Selected Femme Oxford Shoes – love these HERE



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