The Vibe: Sports-Glam







I am going to have to keep it short today as I am a little strapped for time. Making time for blogposts this week has been nothing short of challenging but i’m committed and i’ve just about achieved getting my blogposts out on time. Blogging is a full time hobby but I still love doing it and it really is a positive outlet for me, if it wasn’t I simply wouldn’t do it. I believe with anything, if you feel like you have to do something because it’s expected of you then that’s a big sign to probably walk away from whatever it is. You shouldn’t waste precious time on anything you don’t enjoy.

When I put this look together I was going for a sports-glam kinda vibe with some modern minimalism thrown in there for good measure. This £20.00 sweater that I picked up months ago from Topshop continues to be one of my most worn bargain buys from this summer, that I shall continue wearing and styling into the Autumn.

Well, it seems that I did have time to have a little ramble. Sometimes the best way is not to try too hard and just let it happen it naturally.

Take care,

Daniella xox





Topshop Sweater

Zara Trousers

(old) Mango Necklace

Newbark Slides

Gucci Sunglasses


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