The Denim Skirt & Me





I think we just need a second to talk about denim skirts because I feel as though I haven’t really touched up this since revisiting the style. I decided to buy this one from Topshop about a month or so ago (last worn Here) after contemplating different style of the denim mini, in fact i almost purchased a Levi’s one from Urban Outfitters but it sold out before I had chance to. Me and denim skirts go way back to my teenage years, I actually still have a few of my teenage denim skirts hidden away somewhere. Back then when I was about fifteen years old, I was obsessed with them, I cant remember if they were “a thing” or not or if it was because my mum has always loved denim skirts, wither way I wore them most days, even in the winter. Though my denim mini skirts back then were about half the length of the one i’m wearing in todays post, which freaks me out because the Topshop one i’m wearing here feels really short to me, so how I managed to walk around in a skirt half the length can only be due to teenage confidence! I must say though, that credit should probably be given to the likes of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears for wearing what people could possibly refer to as “glorified belts” that were passed of as skirts.

Fast forward to now and this style is still on the shorter side but it’s far more high waisted then the ones I wore back in the day and I like that. Though from time I like to look at my old denim mini skirts, I just don’t think I could wear them at that length unless over trousers “lightbulb moment”! Yes, I think I may just try that, might as well give them some use.

Take care and have a great week,

Daniella xox



My Outfit:

(old) Topshop Knit – love this HERE

Base Range T-Shirt – HERE

Topshop Skirt – HERE

Stella McCartney Slippers – HERE & similar HERE & HERE

(old) Topshop sake print Bag



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