The Bad Boyfriend Of Shoes



















It really doesn’t feel like the seasons are changing yet, yes there is a slight feel in the air and the leaves do seem to be falling off the tree at a more rapid rate then before but overall it’s been pretty warm so far. Whilst i’m excited for the new season and all the lovely things we love about Autumn, I think that during September it’s become to be so warm and actually quite muggy, that i’m not going to force myself into clothes that i’ll just end up being uncomfortable in, regardless of how exciting a new pace of style may seem. October will come soon enough and so all in good time my friends.

For today’s look I am wearing a skirt that I purchased back in the Winter, that I wore a couple of times during the Spring and so it was nice to finally wear it in the summer temps. The feel of a silky material against the skin, catching in the breeze just feels so beautiful to me and I love that we were able to capture this. I also dug out my bad boy flatform sandals! I say bad boy because they are like a bad boy, gorgeous to look at but you can’t rely on them for shit because you never feel safe when wearing them and they;[ could let you fall over the smallest of bumps in the road, leaving you wounded. Okay so that’s a little bit dramatic but these shoes are the least sturdy shoes I own but I love how they look and so I only wear them when I feel its safe enough to do so. I know you know what i’m talking about, we all have a pair of shoes that we cant walk in but we cant throw away either.

Wishing you all a wonderful week,

Daniella xox








My Outfit:

Base Rang T-shirt

Bruuns Bazaar Skirt

Vintage Scarf

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

(old) Elizabeth & James Shoes


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