Mondays New Look: Black On Black





Hey, hope you all had a good weekend. I was stuck in bed unwell but thankfully I’m gradually starting to feel better.

Posting this look today made me realise that rarely do I wear black on black these days and not just because its summer because actually I love wearing black in the summer almost more then I do in the winter. I guess in the winter I gravitate to it more naturally but I do prefer to wear it in the summer with a tan just because it feels a little more rebellious. Though, if you looked back to my style about five years ago, I went through quite a long phase of wearing a lot of black on black and my wardrobe started to consist of mainly black, white and cream pieces. It’s nice to style a monochrome look once again and the splash of brown is a great way to soften the harshness between the contrasting black and white pallet, working as a somewhat neutral tone.

Anyway I feel as though like this new week marks the start of the transitional phase between summer and autumn. My nephew is going back to school today, which means early mornings for me once again (I do the school run) and soon the fashion month fun will start, which to me, always feel like the beginning of Fall. I don’t tend to view September as Autumn but more as the transitional month that prepares us for October, the month that undoubtedly feels far more autumnal. Do you agree?

Wishing you a wonderful week,

Daniella xox








My Outfit:

Chanel Sunglasses – love these HERE

River Island T-shirt – available in grey HERE

(old) DKNY Skirt – love this HERE

Warehouse Mules – in black HERE also love these HERE 

(old) Topshop Bag – love this HERE



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