Ray Ban Cravings




Ever since I collaborated with Sunglasses Hut Back around last London Fashion Week, I have had a gift card at in draw just waiting for the right pair of sunglasses to come along so that I can use it. Well, I think I have the pair I want, what do you think? I actually almost bought these when we were in Miami but I was too indecisive to make a decision and so I never bought them. Since coming across them again online, I kind of wish I bought them. For me, I know when really love something as apposed to just lusting after it, when I constantly feel like my outfit is incomplete without the said piece and this is most certainly the case when it comes to these Ray Bans.

I know it might seem weird to some buying sunglasses as summer starts to come to a close but I wear sunglasses all year round and just often in the winter as I do in the summer due to having sensitive eyes. So for me, anytime is a good time to invest in a pair of sunglasses.

Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox







Ray Ban Sunglasses via Sunglasses Hut


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3 thoughts

  1. These sunnies are amazing, Victoria! They are actually perfect. They are the better version of the round ones. I actually want them and you made me just put them on my wishlist. So badass! x


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