Styling My Summer Sale Buys


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I hope everyone has a had a wonderful week and is now looking forward to the weekend!

For todays look, I wore these khaki trousers that I bought from Urban Outfitters during the summer sale, I think I managed to pick them up for the very good price of £15.00. I really like their fit and style, though they are a lot more lightweight then I had expected but that’s what happens when ordering online as opposed to shopping in store. You don’t get to feel the texture of the pieces, something I always and almost instinctively do when i’m in shops, just simply run my fingers over the material.

I also picked up this ultra cropped crop top from Topshop for £6.00 a while ago and whilst I am not apposed to wearing it on its own, I thought it would be fun to style it over a t-shirt  for something a little less expected and if you are simply not confident enough to bare all, then this is also a great way to wear the crop top without feeling uncomfortable.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Daniella xox











My Outfit:

Gucci Sunglasses

Topshop Crop Top

Rivier Island T-shirt

Light Before Dark Trousers


Camilla Skovgaard Sandals


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