Scrunched Sleeves With COS

















Ah, it’s Friday and as grateful as I am for everyday of the week, there is something about Friday that does undoubtedly feel good, more relaxed and I know that’s probably just a state of mind but still Friyay! Ya Know?!

As much as I love these photos, I am not a huge fan of the lighting, it was too dark at this point to have taken them in this location but the outfit was a bit of fave and so i’m sharing them anyway. On to something that makes me happier, this beautifully chic and 100% cotton, scrunched sleeve top that I bought from COS a few months ago. I love pieces that make a statement without appearing overly obvious just as much as I love the obvious statement pieces. I love how it dresses up a simple pair of jeans in a way that is refined yet stylish. I need to try and as much wear out of this piece as I don’t it would work underneath a jacket or a coat with the same striking affect. This really did make a perfect outfit for a nice lunch on a Saturday with my love. Sometimes it’s the most simplistic outfit that make me feel the most confident.

Have an amazing weekend,

Daniella xox





My Outfit: 

COS Blouse – love this Here

Topshop Jeans – love these Here

Newbark Bag

(mums) Necklace worn as bracelet – love this Here

(old) Miu Miu Shoes – similar Here & Here


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