Getting Baggy With It









As much I love an all new outfit, I just as much love an outfit full of old classics of mine. I love these end trousers and I would love to wear and style them more often but they are extremely baggy and not even the slightest bit flattering, so sometimes it takes me a little while to get the balls to wear them. Styled with old, cream knitted tabard (which by the way works a great summertime knit) and my Newbark loafers that are still are and probably always be the chicest shoes I own.

Usually I like to get out and about when it comes to taking my photos but this time we ended not far from our own front door. I normally despise the red bricks that are everywhere in the village we live in but this time it worked rather well.

How do you like the trousers? Would you wear a pair this baggy?

Take care,

Daniella xox




My Outfit:

(old) Warehouse Knitted Tabard – similar Here

Vintage(mens) trousers – love these Here

Newbark Loafers – love these Here


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