Guess Who’s Back With A Brand New Rap








Okay I don’t actually have a rap for you because trust me, that would be horrific for everyone involved but I do have a brand new blog design for me and for y’all! On top of that I have new outfit, which I wore for my Birthday meal was weeks ago now but still its nice to share.

Firstly I want to talk a little more about the new blog. Because ever since I went back to blogging for myself on I have never been completely happy with its appearance but stuck with anyway. Now a year on I decided to stop procrastinating and actually make some changes. Firstly I have moved from to Neither the boyfriend or I are overly technically minded and so running a blog ourselves was proving a little too much. has never been on but because I run my other blog, My Spiritual Quest on the .com site, it’s easy navigation and usability is ultimately what persuaded me to try it out. That’s the thing, nothing is ever that concrete and I believe that if i’m not happy with something, then I should try something new and if that doesn’t work either, well, then at least I tried. But hopefully it will work out great and this should be a change for the better.

In terms of design I really wanted to keep things minimal and simply because I want the content to speak for itself and for the content to be the main focus. By keeping everything really simple, I think I’ve managed to achieve this. But i’ll let you judge that yourselves. It is all very new and I hope that you all find it easy enough to navigate but if you do feel like something is missing, then please let me know because constructive criticism is always welcome and well, more then anything I want my blog to be easy to use for any readers I may have.

Before I go, i’ll touch on the outfit. The shirtdress is from Frame denim and it is the ultimate summer dress, it feels so easy to wear. As it was for a special occasion and a dressier affair, I chose to belt instead of letting it hang loose. I took the strap from my bag and turned into a belt. Would you have guessed if I hadn’t have mentioned it? I think that metallic always compliments whites and so I added in my Reiss Clutch from last summer and my gold metallic platform shoes.

Anyway, if you have taken the time to read then thank you.

Take care,

Daniella xox





My Outfit:

  • Frame Denim Shirtdress – love this Here & Here
  • Bag Strap (Worn as belt)
  • Topshop Shoes – similar Here, Here & Here
  • Reiss Clutch – love this Here






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