New iPhone & Louis Vuitton Phone case

New iPhone & Louis Vuitton Phone case DSC_9029 New iPhone & Louis Vuitton Phone case

New iPhone & Louis Vuitton Phone caseDSC_9100 New iPhone & Louis Vuitton Phone case DSC_9227






I dont seem to have gotten around to sharing my birthday gifts here on LELLAVICTORIA.COM just yet but today i’m sharing my new iPhone SE that my love got me for my birthday. Not only did he gift me the phone but a truly beautiful and chic leather phone case to go with it. Before I had this phone I had a iPhone 5 which was in a horrendous condition! The screen was cracked, well, not cracked more like smashed and had been for almost a year! My fault though, I dropped it and I was too lazy to get it fixed. My old phone case was also falling apart and so I can say it enough just how grateful I am to have this new phone and case in my life! It makes the world of difference actually being able to see what i’m ding on my phone and especially when it comes to editing photos. Oh and thats another thing, the camera on this phone is one hundred percent more awesome and I now have 64GB compared to my very measly 16 GB. So now I am very trigger happy when it comes to taking photos and videos.

The case is by Louis Vuitton and it is so so beautiful, the quality is luxurious and I love how understated and chic it looks.

Sorry the photos aren’t the best, there is scaffolding outside my window at the moment and it is making my room really dark right now.

Take care,

Daniella xox


iPhone SE 64GB

Louis Vuitton Phone Case

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