Whistles Shoes and Bags Section Got Game!

Whistles Shoes and Bags Section Got Game!



This summer, I have not really had my eye on any kind of summer sandals, I don’t know if this is because so far June and July just simply haven’t been warm enough to really contemplate spending money or because none have caught my but either way, i’ve not found that special par. When I was doing my little check up of the “new in” section on Whistles.com I came across these very delightful flat buckle sandals on Whistles Shoes section, which I was instantly drawn to. I find them very chic and the sort of sandal that could probably/hopefully handle summer after summer. I love that they aren’t black (though they are available in black) as usually I always find myself buying black shoes and instead they are a beautiful burgundy colour and after wearing my Grenson brogues for many years now (they are burgundy too) I know how many other colours burgundy shoes work with, it’s strangely surprising!

After I was don’t ferruling over these sandals, I found myself catching site of this Navy beauty that comes in the shape of a bucket bag. I mean just how perfect! Whistles you know, Whistles. They got game right now and especially in the shoe and bag department and I is LOVING it. What are your thoughts on these babes?

Let me know.

Take care,

Daniella xox







  • Whistles Bag Artesia Presslock Bucket Bag – Here
  • Whistles shoes: Harper Buckle Flat Sandal – Here




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One thought

  1. Although you’ve not seen any summery sandals that caught your eye to wear now, I do think these pieces are great. Particularly, the bucket style bag is my favourite. Both items would be on my list for autumn. Hope you’re doing well dear. Have a lovely weekend, Daniella. ❤


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