My Cropped Flares Catastrophe

My Cropped Flares Catastrophe My Cropped Flares Catastrophe DSC_40042 My Cropped Flares Catastrophe DSC_4026 My Cropped Flares Catastrophe DSC_41372 My Cropped Flares Catastrophe DSC_4120 My Cropped Flares Catastrophe DSC_4140 DSC_4080 DSC_41612 DSC_4087







Here is to a new week my lovelies! Last week was awesome, don’t get me wrong, we celebrated my sisters boyfriends birthday and my boyfriends mum’s birthday! Loving all these Cancerian’s being around 😉 So this week I am wanting a nice and easy relaxing week, full of some good and healthy food. I have had a lot of chocolate and cake recently and whilst I love myself a cheat week, I also feel better when I am eating healthier.



I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago and whilst I know that it seems like I should be out of my ankle boots by now, the fact is I wear boots pretty much all year round and by opting for boots I could substitute a jacket. These photos I admit do kind of make me a little sad, as I am wearing these beautiful white, cropped flares, which you may have noticed I wear quite a lot. They are one of my favourite pairs of trousers that I own, I just LOVE their shape, length and fit and I have never found a pair quite like them. After wearing this outfit, I decided the trousers needed a wash (yes, you can probably see where this is leading) I seen that they were dry clean only. I really don’t like getting things dry cleaned as it is not at all good for the environment and where I can avoid it I will. Also the amount of times I have hand washed things that have that dreaded DRY CLEAN ONLY sign and the clothes turn out okay is so much so that I thought “yeah, they will be fine” Oh how wrong I was! THEY SHRUNK! What a catastrophe, insert crying face emoji here :(. It was stupid of me and I should have known better and hopefully this is lesson learnt. I doubt I will find a pair like them again but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for some similar.



Have you ever had this happen to you?

Take care and have a fantastic week,

Daniella xox






My Outfit:

  • Clyde Hat
  • River Island T-shirt – Here
  • Zara Cropped flares – love these here, Here & Here
  • Chanel Bag – love this Here
  • Snake print Boots – Similar Here


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2 thoughts

  1. ohhhh nooooo!!!!! I love this outfit!!!! Hopefully you will find a pair that are quite similar… or even better ,) Best of luck and have a lovely week! xx, Alma


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